Thursday, December 5, 2013

Which is the Best Orange Juice Test? Tropicana vs Simply Orange vs Oasis

I hate mornings with a passion. Each day as the hated radio station tells me I must get up, I reluctantly leave the warm comforts of my bed to wake up the kids. It always seems like a mad rush in the mornings but I when it's all said and done I know these are the moments I will miss the most as the years go on.

In our family, one thing we all do in the morning is have a tall cold glass of Orange Juice to start the day off. I don't know how, but my husband's family and my family have both done this since we were kids and I guess we just passed it on to the kids.
Sidenote: why not apple juice, lemonade, pineapple juice etc. I really do wonder how orange juice just won the morning beverage sweepstakes but that's besides the point.

So back to the orange juice. We love our pulp! I mean orange juice without the pulp just tastes wrong.  Not only does it give you more fibre which is healthy for you, but the pulp just adds that extra burst of orangey goodness to the beverage and wake up dose of vitamin C you need in the morning.

Well when it comes to orange juice selection, before I got married I'd always been a Tropicana kind of girl. I mean they were just synonymous with great tasting Orange Juice. I know they make other juices now but none of their other varieties come close to their orange juice

In the past few years, a lot of new brands have entered the Orange juice scene and I must admit I am impressed.

But first the Sunny Delight Childhood Disappointment Story

This coming from a girl who was incredibly disappointed the first time she tasted Sunny-D. I had such amazingly high expectations too. Back in the day when they were first coming out, you couldn't even watch an after school TV program without seeing a Sunny-D ad. Then when they delivered the samples in the mail in packaging shaped like a refrigerator; well let me tell you was I excited to break it open and gulp it down. And right after I did and swished it around in my mouth I still remember to this day the huge "Yuck!!!" that I let out.

I still have no idea how they sell that beverage but to each his own I guess.

Today's Orange Juice Selection - Narrowed Down Of Course!

Well back to today's orange juice heavy weight contenders.

I've tried almost every orange juice on the market, including various supermarket chain brands as well (remember no bias so you give every juice it's chance).

One of the major things you must absolutely avoid when shopping for orange juice is to avoid "from concentrate" juices. They taste really off and I know of no human on earth that would prefer it to NOT FROM CONCENTRATE.

In the last few years, with all the OJ competitors in the market our family was always randomly picking between three brands: Tropicana which is the traditional OJ I had always preferred, Oasis OJ which didn't disappoint the first time I reluctantly tried a glass, and Simply Orange which we had to try because come on they have a name that says they've got something to offer, why not see if they can back it up.

So a few weeks ago during our weekend grocery store trip, we purchased all three in hopes of finally calling one of the brand's our family's orange juice. The number one reason, so that whenever my husband or I went grocery shopping we didn't have to debate on which brand of juice to get because it had a little bit more, it was on sale, or the good old "you liked it last time."

So spend a Sunday morning gathered around the kitchen table and each of us took turns being blindfolded and trying all three brand of OJ.

Surprisingly, we all came to the same unanimous decision on which was the best OJ without even knowing which one we were tasting!!!

So without further ado...

The top 3 Orange Juices on the today's market in order of not the best to the best:

3. Tropicana

2. Oasis

1. Simply Orange

What we learned that weekend?

1. That we finally all agreed on something YEAH!!!

2. Family time is amazing and no matter how corny something is (yes I am completely aware of how lame this OJ of choice contest we had is); when you do something that would be completely embarrassing to the outside world and borderline outcast you from society on account of lameness with your family, it brings you even closer together to one another and you share a bond that just can't be explained but only experienced.

3. We finally have a OJ of choice and saved ourselves billions of future debates on which is the best OJ.

So I hope this helps you and/or your family out when choosing your OJ of choice. Feel free to let me know why you think Simply Orange sucks or recommend another juice we may have missed. 

Til next time...Denah.

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