Monday, December 30, 2013

A Mother's Take On The Problem with Rob Ford

I'm an avid supporter of my favourite team, the Hamilton Tigercats. So when they faced off against the rival Argos in Toronto over a month ago, I had the pleasure to catch the game.

It was an enjoyable game where the Ti-Cats came out on top but during the game I did notice something that caught my attention and not in a good way.

Rob Ford The Person & The Problem

I’ve heard the headlines all year about the Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, engaging in activities and making statements that we would not want our children to see or hear and that would make my parents shudder in disappointment.

Rewind back to the days when I was in school. Back then, political positions were held by people of authority. People who had accomplished much in their life and wanted to give back to the community by putting together policies and programs to facilitate the growth of society.

Stories of the mayor publicly intoxicated, smoking crack cocaine, and being the subject of multi-million dollar police investigations would never ever have been imaginable.

It makes me quite angry that a person in such a position would think it would be acceptable to ever engage in the activities that Rob Ford has. It’s not just that it sets a bad example for my kids but it’s the fact that our society has been so eroded that there are people that actually believe and will continue to believe that this activity is not that big of an issue.

It is not a big issue, it is a gigantic issue!

The mayor of the city is the leader of your city. He is someone who is elected because he has demonstrated qualities of personal integrity, perseverance, vision and has made a commitment to lead society to a better tomorrow.

When you make a commitment to lead the city you are expected to have a standard of personal integrity. You do not skip out on city meetings for children’s football games, you do not engage in recreational use of drugs and you do not lie!

It’s not the first time a politician has been caught in foul behaviour but usually when they are they have the audacity to admit that they were wrong and pay the consequences for their actions.

This is the problem with Rob Ford. 

Not only does he lie, lie and lie some more. When he is caught lying about what would be considered inappropriate behaviour for not only any person, but especially for the city’s lead official, he plays the victim card and thinks it is good enough just to apologize.

In the real world, when we make mistakes we pay for them. Actions have consequences. If I choose not to change a child’s diaper it will stink and may lead to a health problem for the child. See problem and consequence. When I make a mistake at work, I either have to make amends or if it is large enough I get demoted or fired. When my husband makes a bad investment, we lose money.

All of the above illustrate a problem, a mistake and the consequences because of it.

When Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto, makes a mistake all he has to do is say sorry and apparently that is the end of the story. He doesn’t lose his job even though he clearly is unqualified for it. No, he can apologize, play the victim and say it’s not like any of you haven’t made mistakes and then proceeds to suffer no consequences. We do make mistake Mr. Ford and we pay for those mistakes. You on the other hand have not suffered the consequences.

No this is not how it works my life or anyone else’s life for that matter and this is why it is wrong.

The Politics

The main priority of a politician to help in the growth of society.

This is the current problem in Toronto when they voted Rob Ford in. His whole agenda is not to put forth plans to better the community for the next generation. His whole premise when he ran was not a plan at all.

Rob Ford ran on a selfish agenda. Rob Ford proclaimed that the city of Toronto had a spending problem called the “Gravy Train” and that it was his job to put an end to it.

Rob Ford ran on the premise that none of the money that was put forth actually did any good and it was all wasted. This is clearly not the case as Toronto had always been a world class city with a system of schools, community centres and programs that have been proactively helping to shape a better society.

Nevermind the ridiculous  picture is painted when you actually see an image of Rob Ford, a severely overweight man, at the helms of the “Gravy Train” halting force an obese man who clearly has self-control issues

Good leaders put forth a vision, bad leaders create a devil and unify and gain support through attacking the devil they have created.

Rob Ford comes from a very well off family regardless of how he likes to portray himself. I remember hearing him say one time “the elite rich people are the problem, they have more dirt than anybody.” Well you hit the nail on the spot there Rob!

Regardless of what you think of the job that he has done at city hall one thing is true, Rob Ford is the main subject of a large police investigation and associates with known drug dealers and criminals. Is this someone who should be in charge of the great city of Toronto?!?!

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